There have been lots of jokes on TikTok and Instagram lately about how, thanks to apps such as Square and Stripe, we’re all paying for things on iPads, and therefore tipping at places we normally would never have tipped before. You can’t blame an establishment for turning on the tipping function inside the application. But no, it is not common to tip at a bottle shop, unless of course that shop not only sells bottles to go, but also allows you to consume them in the store.

If this is your standard shop, the best thing you can do to show your appreciation is to continue to frequent the establishment. If you find a particular employee you trust, once in a while you could do a nice gesture for this person, bring them a gift or even buy them a bottle. Tipping at a bottle shop, though, is not expected. Even if the function to tip is turned on at the register, you should feel no obligation to do so.

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