I always leave a tip when I go out for coffee. But I realize that coffee from a third-wave shop made by a barista is much different from coffee at the Dunkin’ drive-through. Still, I leave a tip and I think you should, too, as all of their work is worth more than the minimum wage payment they often receive.

That being said, many of you are going to come after me, saying you aren’t going to tip someone for simply flicking a spout and pouring you a freshly brewed cup of coffee to go.

OK, monsters, so then here’s the deal: If you aren’t going to tip for that, you better at least tip when someone takes the time to actually make your drink. If a barista is involved, a shot is pulled, milk is frothed, or a pour-over is made, tip them. A barista’s work is similar to a bartender’s and you tip them when they make your drink, don’t you? This is not hard. Welcome to being a good person.

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