When the host of a dinner party doesn’t drink, it’s important to ask whether they are still OK with their guests drinking at the party, or whether they would like the evening to be a dry affair. People choose not to drink for a variety of reasons, and those reasons may have an impact on whether they are OK dining with people who are consuming alcohol or not.

However, if the host is OK with you and the other guests enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, you should bring a bottle of something non-alcoholic for them along with the bottle of wine you bring for yourself and the other guests who choose to partake. Choosing to only bring wine without the non-alcoholic option would be rude and inconsiderate, as the person hosting you for dinner abstains.

If you aren’t comfortable asking the host if they are OK with their guests who do drink partaking in a glass of wine or beer with dinner, then your safest bet is either bringing a nice non-alcoholic option or a bouquet of flowers. The gesture will be appreciated, and you won’t wind up in a situation that might offend your host.

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