My friend always eats the garnish, even if it’s a leaf of basil. Is this weird?
The garnish is edible, so while this is quirky of your friend, it’s not really that weird. We eat olives and maraschino cherries, and they are technically garnishes, so if your friend wants to eat the garnish, power to them. Unless of course the garnish they’re eating is something like the lemon or orange twist. Then that’s a bit odd, and also probably pretty bitter tasting.

How can I tell if the beer glass a bartender gave me is dirty?
The most obvious way to tell is if the glass simply looks dirty. But looks can be deceiving. In fact, a glass could appear perfectly clean and still be dirty. The glass may not be covered with smudges, but it could still be unclean. It might have a residue of cleaning solution like dish soap, or mildew if a dirty rag was used to dry it. It’s not just gross, either. An unclean glass can alter a beer’s flavor and aroma, and that means you’re likely to have a bad experience and blame it on the beer.

So, if you smell something, say something. If something about your glass smells off, such as a dish soap aroma or a the smell of a moldy basement, tell your bartender. Even if they don’t agree with you that the glass is dirty, they should still dump the beer and either pour you one of the same or grab you another glass.

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Is it okay to sit at a table at a restaurant, even if you’re just going to order an appetizer and a few drinks?
Yes — as long as you clear it with the host first. Sometimes a restaurant would prefer you not take up a table simply ordering drinks and an appetizer or two. But other times they are happy to accommodate you. Being upfront with them that that’s your plan allows them to inform your server as well, so no one is surprised and annoyed.