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Is beer better in a can or a bottle?

Cans used to get a bad rap, associated with holding cheaper, more chuggable beer. But canned beers are much more likely to be fresher, and therefore taste better, than those held in a bottle. That’s because a can locks in the flavors of the beer and keeps out light, a major beer enemy, preventing it from souring or spoiling sooner. While a can of beer will still eventually also lose its freshness, it takes much longer than bottled beer to do so. This is why so many breweries are jumping on the bandwagon that Oskar Blues started over a decade ago and are canning even their highest-end beers. Because at the end of the day, beer is only good when it’s fresh, so even though a bottle may be sexier, wouldn’t you rather drink a good beer poured from a can than a bad one poured from a bottle?

Does Kombucha have alcohol in it?

Because Kombucha is a fermented beverage, all of it has a bit of alcohol, though for most Kombuchas you’d have to drink way more than would ever be recommended in order to feel any sort of a buzz. That said, higher-alcohol Kombucha has recently become a thing, with those manufacturing it claiming to be serving those in the market who are looking for a low-alcohol alternative for health and wellness reasons.

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If I keep vodka in the freezer, will it get freezer burn?

Vodka won’t get freezer burn because vodka can’t actually freeze. Instead, vodka becomes more viscous in the freezer, which might make it seem to taste richer and smoother, which makes it much easier for consuming as a shot. So feel free to leave that vodka in the freezer for as long as you like, ever-ready. It won’t get any sort of burn.