I wouldn’t say it’s weird, but I would say there is a bit of added pressure. And the pressure I am speaking about may not be coming from either of you. It may instead just be emanating from the hordes of people who are also out marking the occasion, and that means stress — both for you and for the place at which you are choosing to dine.

If you do choose to make V-Day a first date occasion, choose where you go wisely. Many restaurants serve only a fixed price menu on this evening due to the crowds, meaning you might wind up spending more than you intended, even at a place that’s normally affordable. This also means the meal may take longer than it normally would. That can be a good thing if the date is going well, but if it isn’t, you’ll be stuck for longer than you want to be.

Drinks as well — especially at that trendy spot you’ve been meaning to check out — are probably a no-go. On this night of all nights, everyone else is going to have the same idea, and that means lines, crowds, and waits.

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To ensure success, your best bet is to keep it low-key. Head to a neighborhood spot; grab tacos, dumplings, or falafel; or go grab a pint. The less stress you can add to a first date, the better. This is not the night to head to that restaurant or bar everyone has been talking about.