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Will Champagne burst in my checked luggage?

If you’re planning to bring a bottle of Champagne with you on your travels, you will have to check it, thanks to the TSA’s pesky ban on liquids. But, fear not, it won’t burst.

Cargo holds of most airlines are indeed pressurized, but most are also heated, since so many airlines transport pets down below. Thanks to those two factors, the pressure will never change drastically enough to burst your bottle.

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Additionally, while there is a ton of pressure inside the bottle from built-up carbon dioxide, the Champagne bottle itself was specifically designed to contain that pressure. It can withstand a lot. So go ahead and take that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving on your next vacation. Besides, wine always tastes better when you’re more relaxed.

How long will a growler last in my fridge?

Growlers are a great way to take home your favorite beer from a brewery visit, or enjoy a beer from a taproom that isn’t normally canned or bottled. Once you take that growler home, however, the clock is ticking. After your growler has been filled to the top and the cap has been screwed on tight, it will stay fresh in your fridge for about a week, unopened. The second you open that growler, you have about 36 hours to drink all the beer inside before it goes flat. Otherwise, it simply won’t taste as fresh.

What’s the best way to ask if a bar has specials or a happy hour?

Usually if the bar is running a happy hour, it will have some sort of signage to that effect — after all, the entire purpose of happy hour is to get people into the bar during slower times.

If you don’t see any signage, and you happen to be in the bar during traditional happy hours (e.g., between 4 and 7 p.m.), it’s totally fine to ask the bartender if they are running any specials. Go with something short, sweet, and straightforward, like: “Hi, I was curious if you do happy hour? If so, what are the specials?” Simple as that. The worst answer they can give is that everything is full price.