All Things Fall: Noble Oak’s 6 Best Whiskey & Autumnal Activity Pairings [Infographic]

After a sweltering summer, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief with the arrival of fall. Cooler temperatures (a.k.a. sweater weather) and apple picking are merely a couple of reasons to praise autumn. However, another treat is in the season’s pocket: the warming comfort of a dram of whiskey. And award-winning Noble Oak has the perfect expressions for brisk fall adventures. So, grab these Noble Oak whiskeys and plan for good times in the great outdoors!

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon

Flavor Profile: Hints of honey and dark cherry draw you in at the nose before you taste a creamy-textured note of caramel, with a touch of cinnamon and warm vanilla. The pour finishes with lingering oak and the subtle sweetness of vanilla.

Pairs Best With Campfires and Good Company, Apple Orchards

Complement your fireside hang with s’mores and a dram of the Double Oak Bourbon. Thanks to the sweet trifecta of honey, caramel, and vanilla within the pour, s’mores serve as the tastiest treats to join the sipping experience.

Noble Oak has partnered with One Tree Planted to pay it forward across the nation. As a result, over 750,000 trees have been planted! So, considering Noble Oak’s eco-conscious mission, why not visit your local apple orchard? Then, after a day of tree planting and apple picking, enjoy a slice of warm apple pie alongside imbibing the double oak bourbon.

This is a must-have bottle to bring to your weekend stay at a mountain cabin. However, if you’d rather “rough it” nearby, pitch a tent in the backyard for an at-home camping experience. You should plan your camping escapade for Nov. 18-19, 2022. The Leonid meteor shower will dazzle the sky with anywhere between 50 and 200 meteors per hour.

If you’re in a cocktail mood, craft your own Old Fashioned with this delicious bourbon.

Noble Oak Double Oak Rye

Flavor Profile: The flavor-rich drink opens with the scent of oak and butterscotch. Then, the palate has a buttery burst of allspice and maple. Finally, the spicy, long finish puts cinnamon in the spotlight.

Pairs  Best With Post-Hike Picnics, Corn Mazes

Something about fall brings out the inner baker in all of us. Need a treat to bring to your post-hike picnic? The warmth of the full-bodied Double Oak Rye pairs perfectly with dark chocolate brownies.

Another notable seasonal pastime consists of this rye and the outdoors: corn mazes. As if you need a reason to increase the merriment that comes with pumpkins and corn fields, you can now reach peak joy by navigating a labyrinth with a flask of Double Oak Rye in your tote.

Birdwatching is especially fun in the fall. Grab a rocks glass of this rye and watch the geese fly south for winter. If you’re keen to see birds that aren’t generally in your backyard, including songbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and birds of prey, autumn is a beautiful time to bring out your binoculars.

There’s something about the outdoors that summons a woodsy-inspired delight. Complement this rye with a cinnamon-forward Fernet and a bit of triple sec for a warming Old Timber.

This article is sponsored by Noble Oak