A Crown Royal Pairing for Every Holiday Moment

The holidays are special. That’s kind of the whole point of them, right? Whether you’re presenting your best friend with the perfect thoughtful gift, getting in some quality time with your family beside a picturesque and roaring fire, or hosting a spectacular house party, the holiday season is full of special moments that you don’t want to forget.

Is there any way to make the special moments even more special? Well, there’s always whisky, and Crown Royal has whiskies that complement every holiday activity you love, from hitting up your family cookie swap to serving up cocktails for friends who are practically family. Read on to learn how to pair Crown Royal with your favorite holiday moments.

Moment: Holiday Cookie Swap

Pairing: Crown Royal Vanilla

So you forgot to make sugar cookies. Or chocolate chip cookies. Or any cookies at all. In fact, you forgot this entire “cookie swap” thing was happening until you got a panicked “where are you???” text from your aunt. Don’t sweat it — instead swoop in with a bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla. The whisky’s vanilla bean and oaky nose pair perfectly with rich holiday sweets, and its light finish won’t overwhelm you. Or, if you decide to skip the whole cookie thing and enjoy the rich Madagascar bourbon vanilla taste on its own, that’s cool, too. Just make sure to pocket a few ginger snaps for later.

Moment: Holiday Party

Pairing: Crown Royal Regal Apple

You’ve decked your halls (or, if you live in an apartment, hall). You’ve laid out the perfect snack spread. You’ve created a flawless holiday playlist, which involves no less than five versions of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Now all you need to complete your holiday party prep is a versatile whisky that’s excellent for mixing but can also stand on its own. Enter Crown Royal Regal Apple. Its interplay of crisp apple tartness and classic Crown Royal spice and caramel make it a perfect match for every kind of holiday tippler. Mix it with hot apple cider for a rich and soothing sip, cranberry juice to put the tartness into full effect, or a crisp, cold ginger ale to play up the spice. Or just drink it alone and savor the balanced sweetness that gives it such a full-bodied finish. No matter what your guests choose, you’re still the holiday MVPP (most valuable party planner)

Moment: Relaxing By the Fire

Pairing: Crown Royal Peach

The cozy feel of sitting around a roaring fire is so delightful, it almost makes the frightful weather outside worth it. Almost. For maximum holiday hygge, wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket, enjoy the soothing pop and crackle of the burning logs, and bring some lush Crown Royal Peach into a mix. This limited-edition flavor has a smooth, sweet finish and rich, juicy palate. It can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with hot tea for a sophisticated upgrade to the traditional Hot Toddy. Crown Royal Peach’s notes of oak and spice will mix with the tea’s earthiness, creating a polished blend. Sip now; deal with digging out the driveway later.

Moment: Post-Holiday Brunch

Pairing: Crown Royal Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Sure the holidays are fun, but they are the kind of fun that can get EXHAUSTING. The entertaining, the family gatherings, the hours spent picking out the absolute most perfect gift for your significant other (only to have them give you a gift certificate). So when you and all your friends convene for a post-holiday brunch to celebrate/decompress/discuss who in town had the most ridiculous holiday light display, keep things simple. Grab a few chilled Royal Crown ready-to-drink 12-ounce cans — Washington Apple, which blends the full-bodied taste of Crown Royal Whisky with sparkling apple and cranberry; a classic Whisky and Cola; and Peach Tea, which mixes Crown Royal’s signature smooth, oaky taste with rich peach and brewed tea. It’s all the flavor of a freshly mixed cocktail without anyone having to stand around playing mixologist. You might want to throw in a can or two with the gift for your post-brunch white elephant gift exchange, too!

No matter how your holidays go, they could always be a little smoother. So ensure that they’re as smooth as possible by pairing them with Crown Royal.

This article is sponsored by Crown Royal.