While tasting wines and spirits is a core part of what we do here at VinePair, sometimes we’ll often find ourselves craving the scent of a delicious cocktail or glass of rosé without the burn (no pun intended). Rounding up our favorite drinks-inspired candles seemed like the perfect way to combine these two, so we tested these candles by lighting them at our desks and letting the aromas permeate the office.

Aerangis No. 0324 Aging Spirits

Aerangis No. 0324 is one of the best drinks inspired candles.

A candle that’s both pleasing to the minimalist eye and trained nose, Aerangis’s No. 0324 Aging Spirits boasts the ultimate snifter-smelling experience. Notes of tobacco, musk, leather, bitters, whiskey, and bourbon come to life with a throw that isn’t too aggressive. Think of it like taking a whiff of aged Scotch, without the burn on the nose. Like a true aged Scotch, this candle is hiked up in price, coming in at $78.

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Brooklyn Candle Studio Matcha

Brooklyn candle studio matcha is one of the best drinks inspired candles is one of the best drinks inspired candles is one of the best drinks-inspired candles.

Matcha comes in all different shapes, sizes, and tastes, depending on where you get one. This candle is subtle and lovely and boasts an aroma of a milky matcha latte with a touch of bergamot and citrus just a few minutes into burning. Perhaps lacking the complexity of green tea’s natural earthiness, this candle is clearly on the latte spectrum of matcha drinks, as opposed to channeling a plain cup of green tea.

Keap Green Market

Keap Green Market is one of the best drinks inspired candles

This candle encapsulates all the fresh scents of your local farmers’ market.. Vegetal and herbaceous, Green Market smells immediately of basil, mint, cucumber, cilantro, and bell pepper. Akin to a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc or the produce-inspired cocktails at New York City’s Mace, this candle is both unique and a winner in our books. It’s on the smaller side and burns quickly, but isn’t overpowering. Lighting it in the kitchen while drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and cooking dinner could be the perfect use case, just in time for spring.

Literie Brunch in the West Village

Literie Brunch in the West Village is one of the best drinks inspired candles

A unique candle brand that “highlight[s] the joys of NYC and to allow residents, visitors, and defectors alike to carry the best parts of it into their homes,” is the essence of what we want in a candle. Brunch In The West Village smells like a round of bottomless Mimosas, but thankfully not the kind that gives you a raging hangover. This candle works well for those who typically shy away from sweet and fruity scents, but want to expand their horizons a bit. Notes of citrus and a dry Champagne permeate the room in a strong entrance, and, at $45, this candle makes for a great gift for your favorite Mimosa lover.

Brightland Digestif

Brightland Digestif is one of the best drinks inspired candles

California darling olive oil brand Brightland made its foray into the candle world with Digestif, made from its own olive oil and soy wax. The name Digestif is a play on the after-dinner drink, which makes sense for a candle that’s meant to be used after you’ve finished cooking and need to cleanse the kitchen from any lingering dinner aromas. The scent is neutral, with notes of orange blossom, pepper for a bit of spice, and, of course, olive oil. Burning Digestif is a nice way to balance all the varying smells and scents in the air from a dinner party and drink the night away.

Rewined Riesling

Rewined Reisling is one of the best drinks inspired candles

Made from recycled wine bottles, Rewined takes its name literally, creating delectable candles that evoke the aromas of some of our favorite wine varietals. Without even burning, Riesling is tropical, floral, and citrusy, with notes of honey and Asian pear. Lighting the match takes it to a whole new level as the scent permeates the room and feels like you’re swimming in a glass of delicious wine.

Boy Smells Rhubarb Smoke

Boy smells rhubarb smoke is one of the best drinks inspired candles.

Cult favorite candle company Boy Smells shows off an interesting take on smokiness with their Rhubarb Smoke Candle. This one has a real mezcal vibe, and actually reminds us of a strawberry-rhubarb mezcal Margarita. The burn was slow, and it helps knowing that the $44 price tag will be well spent with a 50-hour burn time. From an all-too-important aesthetic standpoint, the purple iridescent jar makes it an absolutely stunning addition to any bar cart.

Pop Up Grocer x Couplet Coffee – A Latte Love

Pop up grocer x couplet coffee a latte love is one of the best drinks inspired candles.

We couldn’t forget including a coffee candle! Pop Up Grocer, a venture from Emily Schildt (one of our 2022 VinePair 50 winners) collaborated with Couplet Coffee to make a vanilla coffee candle that is the perfect wake-up call thanks to a balanced mix of espresso and sweetness. A subtle throw makes this a great candle to burn in the background when you want that extra cup of coffee, but also want to avoid the jitters.