When it comes to fortified wine, port is king. The wine’s flavor profile ranges all over the spectrum, going from syrupy sweet ruby styles to nutty, more oxidized examples. Believe it or not, port actually comes in a variety of colors, too, from white to coppery brown, to even brighter pinks and reds. While we tend to associate port with warm winter sipping, our favorite fortified wine is actually great in cocktails, making it a year-round staple in our wine consumption regimen. Bright acidity, residual sugar, and tons of nutty oxidized notes make it an incredibly versatile addition to a variety of classic cocktail recipes. We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite port cocktails, perfect for sipping anytime of year. Simply sip, shake, and see for yourself just how multifaceted this delicious Douro wine can be.

Port-Soaked Strawberry Spritz

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Port Soaked Strawberry Spritzer
Photo via Holly and Flora

We’ve never met a fruit we liked more than port-soaked strawberries. The black pepper, salt, and citrusy orange zest balance out the sugary sweetness of the fruit and maple syrup. A perfect springtime sipper!

White Port and Tonic

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now White Port and Tonic
Photo via NY Times

White port is a thing, and if you haven’t tried it, this is a great, simple cocktail to get you started. Drink like the locals do and sip on this easy-to-make take on the classic G&T.

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Port Royal

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Port Royal
Photo via One Martini

Smoky mezcal and nutty tawny port make for a deliciously complex cocktail. Perfect for enjoying after dinner or beside a fireplace with your current read.

Black Cup

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Black Cup
Photo via The Kitchn

An alternative to the classic gin-based Pimm’s cup, this port-based cocktail was originally created by Jim Meehan of Please Don’t Tell in New York. Garnish with cucumber for a pop of color and fresh finish.

Valentino’s Delight

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Valentino's Delight
Photo via HGTV

Bourbon, port, Kahlua… basically all of our favorite after-dinner sweet drinks are meshed into one gorgeous, boozy cocktail. Skip dessert and sip on this instead; for certified chocoholics, pair with a few pieces of dark chocolate for a decadent experience.

Port Elderflower Cocktail

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Port Elderflower Cocktail
Photo via Mix That Drink

This easy-to-make cocktail is a must-try for lovers of St. Germain liqueur everywhere. Well balanced and booze-heavy, this drink is perfect for slower at-home happy hour sipping with friends.

Coffee Martini

7 Port Cocktails to Make Right Now Coffee Martini
Photo via 1 Big Bite

Cold brew, dark aged rum, and tawny port. Three ingredients were never so impeccably made for one another. The nutty, caramel flavors of the port gorgeously complement the dark, roasted notes of cold brew. A flawless after-dinner selection!