When you think of Easter, you think of a Sunday afternoon with egg hunts, an early dinner, and endless amounts of festive candy. Does it get any better? It does, actually — by doing all of the above with cocktails, of course!

Easter Sunday is one of our favorite days of the year, especially because its arrival means that spring has officially begun. When it comes to cocktails, it’s time to switch out our heavy, winter warming ingredients with all things fun, fresh, and floral. Jazz up your Easter Sunday with one of these adorable spring cocktails, perfect for refreshing daytime sipping (and pairing with jellybeans!).

Bunny Punch

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Bunny Punch
Photo via Sprinkle Some Fun

Nothing screams Easter bunny more than a cottontail cocktail! This ‘virgin’ punch is perfect for the kids and incorporates all of America’s favorite childhood ingredients: 7UP, Kool-Aid, and ice cream. Add 1.5 oz of Vanilla Vodka to each adult serving for a sinfully sweet cocktail.

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Pimm and Proper

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Pimm and Proper
Photo via Jojotastic

This gorgeous take on the classic Pimm’s Cup is everything you want to be drinking on a Sunday spring afternoon. Rose syrup adds gorgeous aromatics to the glass, while the cucumber is super refreshing on the palate. And who doesn’t love St. Germain?

Cottontail Martini

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Cottontail Martini Coconut
Photo via Inspired By Charm

For lovers of Piña Coladas, tropical flavors, and all things coconut, this one’s for you. The Cottontail Martini incorporates creamy half and half with coconut rum, balanced out by the acidity of pineapple juice. Disclaimer: Sip slowly — the deliciousness of this drink may cause the rum and vodka combination to creep up on you faster than expected!

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail
Photo via Lauren Conrad

Is there anything in the world better than cotton candy and Champagne? On its own, the bunny tail-like cotton candy puff is super festive, and when meshed with Champagne, tastes absolutely delicious. Save some candy on the side for sipping and snacking.

Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail
Photo via Honestly Yum

Lemon, chamomile, elderflower… it doesn’t get more spring-like than this! This cocktail is essentially all of your favorite garden ingredients thrown into a delicious mixture and strained in a coupe glass. Plus, the egg-white addition makes it even more appropriate for Easter.

 Raspberry Rose Fizz

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Raspberry Rose Fizz
Photo via Honestly Yum

What’s more festive than a pink, rosy drink? One with bubbles, of course! Rosewater, raspberry syrup, and framboise mesh beautifully in the glass, while the sparkling wine adds a balancing touch of acidity.

Easter Egg Shots

7 Spring Cocktails Perfect For Easter Sunday Easter Egg Shots
Photo via Craft Hunter

O.K., so not technically a cocktail, but how could you possibly go through your Easter Sunday and not do one of these adorable chocolate egg shots? Serve alongside dessert for a fun, festive end to the night.