7 Of The World’s Most Amazing Wine Themed Hotels

Of all the amenities a hotel can offer—who doesn’t love those incredibly expensive jars of beer nuts?—our favorite is kind of obvious: wine. Not all hotels offer it, but since concierge serving seems to be seriously upping its game, you’re seeing more and more (and finer) amenities show up in your room, or even your hands, upon arrival. The best, or most wine-crazed, hotels take it to another level, dedicating almost the entirety of the establishment to a collective love of the fruit of the vine.

Of course, there are hotels in wine country—plenty, thankfully. But each of these hotels has taken the wine theme a step further, and while you may end up spending a bit more because of it, you also basically get a wine country and luxury hotel experience in one. So in a way, you’re saving a bunch of money.

Either way, marvel at the grape-i-ness of it all.

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The Ellerman House – Cape Town, South Africa


The fact that there’s a “7500-strong collection of South African wines” isn’t the only thing that makes this a “wine hotel.” There’s also the incredible corkscrew-shaped carbon wine rack that houses some of that collection in the hotel’s wine gallery. Plus proximity to wineries. All of that wine for an 11-room boutique hotel. Yes please.

Praktik Vinoteca – Barcelona, Spain

Spain Hotel

“In wine we trust.” Seriously, that’s the banner on its home page. No doubt you can trust a visit to this hotel. Even if you have your doubts, the glass they hand you upon arrival (or the 900 or so bottles in the lobby) should reassure you. Located in the heart of Barcelona so dining options are aplenty, though you might not actually want to leave the premises.

The Grape Hotel – Wroclaw, Poland

The Grape Hotel

The Grape Hotel lives up to its name, with rooms done up in wine or regional décor (e.g. there’s “Napa,” “Duoro,” “Pinot Noir,” “Chianti,” etc.). And yes, there is a “Champagne” apartment. Despite the old school charm, you’ll find incredibly modern touches and what looks like a meticulously cultivated wine tasting menu when you go here, which should be soon.

The Vineyard Hotel – Cape Town, South Africa

Vineyard Hotel

Another super-appropriately named hotel, as The Vineyard Hotel does indeed have its own vineyard. And despite being two centuries old—it was founded in 1799—it’s a luxury hotel with modern green infrastructural components. And yes, plenty of local and regional wine.

La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez – Bordeaux, France

La Grande Maison

“A six-room wine-themed mansion and restaurant.” ‘Nuf said. Oh wait, the restaurant has two Michelin stars and is overseen by legendary chef Pierre Gagnaire. No, we’re not done. It’s two measly miles from La Cité du Vin, Bordeaux’s ridiculously gorgeous new wine museum. And just a heads up, Bernard Magrez owns four Grand Crus in Bordeaux. You’ll do just fine here.

The Yeatman Hotel – Porto, Portugal


Given its placement right on the Douro river, it shouldn’t surprise (but let it anyway) that The Yeatman houses “one of the most comprehensive collections of Portuguese wines” in the world. And, through partnerships with Portuguese wineries, you get wine-sponsored rooms and frequent tastings.

Capella Pedregal – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capella Hotel

Cabo isn’t quite “wine country.” In fact, if you’re there in the wrong season, it’s “college students getting irresponsible and tan” country. But this is a AAA Five Star Diamond resort, with a wine collection assembled by a two-time candidate in the World’s Best Sommelier Competition. They also host an annual Cabo San Lucas Food and Wine. So no, you won’t get to traipse among the vines. But you will get to drink an incredible array of wines with an incredible, beachy view.