Next time you’re in Porto, Portugal, we suggest you check out the Yeatman Hotel, a hotel designed for wine lovers if there ever was one:

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s most important wine capitals, The Yeatman is a haven for wine lovers and the prime destination for those wishing to explore the pleasures of Port, the great classic wine for which the city of Oporto is famous.

The cellars of The Yeatman house one of the most comprehensive collections of Portuguese wines. The hotel has established partnerships with many of Portugal’s finest producers who actively participate in The Yeatman’s program of tastings, seminars and wine dinners. These partner wineries also sponsor individual rooms and suites. Intriguing pictures and objects provide insights into each winery’s unique history and environment and add a discreet individual accent to each guest room.

About those “Intriguing pictures and objects” — the hotel features three vino-themed suites. The ‘008 Taylor’s’ Suite features what might just be the ultimate bed for wine (port, specifically) lovers:

The Wine Partner associated with Master Suite 008 is Taylor’s, the renowned 300 year old Port producer and the room has been decorated to include many features and artifacts from the Taylor’s brand and vineyards.  Decoration includes both red and white painted walls and matching furnishings.

Here’s what the bed — made out of a 50,000-liter port barrel — looks like:

A Barrel Bed

You might want to be careful getting out of that bed if you’ve had a few glasses. If sleeping inside of a barrel isn’t you’re thing you could go with the 007 ADF Master Suite, which features a very special headboard:

The Wine Partner associated with Master Suite 007 is ADF. ADF wines are produced by the famous Douro wine producer, Nieeport. The room is decorated with several artifacts and photos pertaining to ADF.

Here’s that headboard:

A Bed With A Barrel For A Headboard

Oh, and they have a Vinothérapie spa too, if all that time spent sleeping inside of a giant wine barrel has got you itching to bathe in wine.

All images via the Yeatman Hotel website. Start planning your visit now 🙂