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Downloading TikTok may seem intimidating, but DrinkTok is growing too quickly to ignore. Within the app, users have built a wealth of drinks content, much of which is carefully crafted. These videos can be hard to find when you’re just starting out. But behind every bottle of Skittles-infused vodka lies a truly thoughtful cocktail.

To help cut through the noise, we’ve picked five of the most interesting drinks trends to date. Each video spurred hundreds of lookalikes that evolved original recipes for better or worse. And while some likely won’t make it to your next happy hour, they can still satisfy your deepest content cravings.

Read on to discover a trove of cocktail inspiration that’s sure to surprise, maybe educate, and hopefully delight.

Jungle Juice

For those unfamiliar with “Jungle Juice,” imagine batching cocktails in a storage container, most often a 20- gallon cooler. Typical recipes are made with anything from Gatorade and Hawaiian Punch to Everclear and Svedka, but must produce several gallons’ worth to be included in the category.

There’s no shortage of Jungle Juice videos on TikTok, most of which stem from one of two trends. In the first, diligent imbibers mix up their concoctions with heaping pounds of fruit. In the other, users empty bag after bag of gummy worms, sour candy, and nerds into a container. What they all have in common is a dazzling, bird’s eye of view of several bottles of alcohol being poured into the punch.

The possibilities are truly endless, if somewhat appalling, so follow along with @yourfavrachel for a drink you have to see to believe.


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At its core, a Mimosa is simple. The classic recipe calls for a mix of orange juice and sparkling wine, but there’s plenty of room for innovation.

TikTok users have added Crown Royal, ice cubes packed with frozen fruit, and sugared rims lined with tamarind. Some used eyedroppers or spray bottles to add as little juice as possible to their Champagne, and crafted what they call “the perfect mimosa.” Yet the most pervasive variation is the “apple cider mimosa.” The autumnal treat subs apple cider for orange juice and adds caramel around the rim — though some prefer to garnish with donuts.

This thoughtful version from @the_tipsy_couple walks users through the trend and ends with a healthy pour of La Marca Prosecco.

Candy Cocktails

Candy has often teased the cocktail world, but TikTokers have adopted it for good (even if the results are really not so good).

Videos from the Candy Martini Bar in Las Vegas show drinks overflowing with gummy bears and mysterious white vapor. TikTok versions (sans dry ice) started popping up last summer, made with gummy worms, jolly ranchers, and other sour candies. As the weather changed, the trend evolved into candy cane garnishes and mistletoe Jell-O shots.

If you’re wondering how far you can take these recipes, check out this video from @derivakat.


Baekhyun – Candy inspired drink: bubblegum strawberry cocktail, made with @royalmilkteez #musixology #baekhyun #candy #foryou #bartending #fyp

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Cotton Candy Drinks

Does cotton candy deserve a place in the drinks world? Maybe, but the fact that it dissolves and dyes drinks pink is enough for TikTok.

Newbies will be shocked by TikTok “chat” (the bold, often bullish recipe narration used across the platform) but once you make it past the commentary, drinks like the Cotton Candy Cosmo present a satisfying scene of sugar melting into vodka. Another account, @artofsucre, uses cotton candy as a base for edible glitter. When fans pop a shot of the spun sugar into their drinks, the glitter is released, and anything from wine to beer begins to sparkle.

Check out this video to carve out a little “me time” and watch how these creations come to life.


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Rainbow Cocktails

Rainbow cocktails, or layered color-coded drinks, had DrinkTok whipped into a competitive frenzy. These thick, colorful drinks are made meticulously. Flavored syrups like grenadine help bartenders layer dense ingredients, but with plenty of room for error, the competition remains fierce.

TikTok users carefully pour each ingredient over the back of a spoon when adding a new liquid. This technique is called “layering” and prevents the different liquids from clouding or mixing into each other. Others have harnessed tools like this smart scale to access tablet visuals while measuring ingredients.

If you want to try this one at home, @elitebartendingfl has a helpful demo on how to master layering and what mixers to look out for.


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