We all have that little voice in our heads telling us to hold out until the weekend for that glorious glass of vino. Whether it be diet goals, work stress, or just plain guilt talking you out of having that weeknight serving, we’re here to tell you that you deserve it. Keep in mind, one glass doesn’t have to lead to the whole bottle (although some nights do call for that); once you’ve mastered the art of stopping at one glass, you’ll be on your way to wine-ding down weeknights in no time.

Here are four reasons to indulge in a glass of wine on a weeknight.

You Made it Through Today

A day may only have 24 hours in it, but you sure as hell pack a lot in there. Between hitting the gym, taking care of your pets, meal prepping, commuting, maintaining a social life, and working an eight- (cough, 10-) hour day, you deserve a moment to treat yourself. What better way to relax than with a glass of wine? Here’s VinePair’s favorite all purpose wine glass.

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You Have a Long Day Tomorrow

While it’s easy to go home and stress about all that needs to be done tomorrow, take a moment to live in the now. You’re home, you’re in your PJs, and you’ve made it through all that today had in store for you — so why should tomorrow be any different? Worry about it when the alarm goes off. For now, grab some cheese, pour yourself a glass, and think about tomorrow when it comes.

Wine Has Never Let You Down

Friends bail, first dates are awkward, and Tinder is the most unreliable of them all. However, wine has always had your back. Wine has never let you down. On the good days and the bad days, wine has always been there, ready to cradle you in its juicy, fruit-forward arms. New life motto: In Wine We Trust.

You Deserve to Be Celebrated

Celebrate yourself. Seriously. You’re a badass, hardworking chick who manages to maintain a social life, get the job done, and still make time for yourself. In fact, pour some bubbly into one of the nicest flutes you own. Cheers to you, girlfriend.