4 Bottles of Scotch That Will Impress Any Housewarming Host

Moving into a new home is a big deal. So much so, in fact, that we commemorate the occasion as we would a birthday or a wedding — with a proper get-together. As fun as they often are, though, the housewarming party poses a unique challenge to guests. They’re expected to get a gift that works its way into the host’s home with a practical purpose. Yet it ought to still hold some personal touch. After all, how thoughtful and unique can a crockpot be?

If you’re really looking to warm the heart of your housewarming host, you need to forget about the kitchenware and build out their bar. Absolutely no home bar is complete without a bottle of Johnnie Walker, the world’s best-selling and best-tasting Scotch. Beyond its superior quality, it also boasts an impressive variety of labels. In other words, there’s something to fit every sort of home, to satisfy all manner of palates and personalities. Right now, we’re going to focus on four expressions in particular.

Below, we asked a trio of experts to weigh in with their ideal Johnnie Walker house gift. When it’s time to attend your next housewarming party, follow their advice and expect to find a happy host on the receiving end of your efforts.

For the antique lover, gift Johnnie Walker Gold Label…

Kathy Delgado is a Los Angeles-based interior decorator and stylist focusing on French motifs. So she knows a thing or two about what brings life to a new home. Among her clientele are antique aficionados and admirers of all things vintage. “So my go-to housewarming gift is a set of French-made Scotch glasses,” she explains. “But of course, they require the right liquid to fill them. Johnnie Walker always garners a squeal of delight given that people recognize the high quality of the brand name.”

They’re especially enchanted when they spot the Gold Label, according to Delgado. “The honey tones and sweet smoke are a crowd pleaser for all palates,” she adds. “It’s a gift to warm both the hearth and the heart.”

For the artsy sort, gift Johnnie Walker Green Label…

Although most of Johnnie Walker’s portfolio falls into the category of blended Scotch, Green Label stands apart as a blended malt. It’s this uniqueness in style and substance that paints it as a natural choice for those who appreciate of fine art — and artists themselves.

“A home bar or liquor cabinet is not complete without a bottle of Johnnie Walker,” explains Evan Ackerfeld, a Denver-based creator. “The brand has stood the test of time and the spirits are worthy of admiration. But it’s the Green Label that’s always called out to me. Cinnamon, spice, a kiss of smoke — if you know, you know!” And now you do.

For the spirit geeks, gift Johnnie Walker High Rye…

Most drinkers associate Johnnie Walker with time-tested tradition. And for good reason. This is a storied brand that’s been bottling world-class Scotch for over two centuries. But just because it’s well aware and respectful of that past doesn’t mean it can’t get playful with its future.

“They’ve actually been doing great experimental releases over the past few years,” points out Clay Whittaker, spirits writer and Scotch expert. “While most drinkers only know the ‘color’ labels, blends like the brand’s new High Rye are downright delectable. I’ve been reaching for this bottle when I can’t decide between bourbon or Scotch. I’m sure other people are doing fun cocktails with this dual-role Scotch, but it’s a nicely balanced intermission whisky, at a proof (45 percent ABV) that won’t write you off in the first act.”

And here’s another spoiler alert: This incredibly complex dram is, as advertised, high on the namesake spice. So it carries caraway and dill in the nose that will pull back on the palate to reveal clove, tobacco, and a whisper of peat. It’s the sort of journey that any whisky enthusiast will appreciate. All the more in their newly anointed home-drinking parlor.

For the best friend, gift Johnnie Walker Blue Label…

Last and very obviously not least: It’s time to break out the Blue. And when you do, it best be for the “bestie” in your life. No need to quote any outside experts here, as I can just speak from personal experience. When my BFF was welcoming guests to his new abode several years back, I knew there was only one gift appropriate enough to carry in hand when crossing the threshold.

We all have that one special kindred spirit who stands out above the rest. And Johnnie Walker Blue Label is literally their liquid homage. It’s hand-selected from the finest barrels in all of Scotland — only one in 10,000 casks make the cut.

Velvety smooth on the tongue, an initial wave of hazelnuts, caramel, and candied fruit can all be realized before a slow fade to sandalwood and dark chocolate emerge in an impossibly long finish. It is one of those precious few things in life that never disappoints — just like a good friend. Even if you’re arriving at a house full of strangers, show up with this stunning Scotch and you’ll make fast friends, indeed.

This article is sponsored by Johnnie Walker.