18 Honest Koozies That Will Leave You Frosty

You know it’s summer when you step outside and the heat wave not only melts your soul away but also manages to bring your beverage of choice to an instant boil. No cooler can keep a drink safe in the sweltering July climate — it’s just unfair.

Thankfully, we stumbled upon a group of sidekicks willing to step into action in the war against the weather. Meet our friends the koozies.

These koozies are ready and willing to jump in and fight for your right to a cold brew. However, these sassy saviors have a lot to say in exchange for keeping your drink chilled.

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It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We're going to need a bigger cooler.
Like Yeti big.
Don't forget that I'm the captain of this ship.
“Don’t make me turn this boat around.”
Here's to looking like a lobster.
We always manage to forget to reapply.
There is no room for your nonsense right now.
“Drunk mess Nos. 1 & 2, please go home.”
What are the odds you will shotgun this beer?
Only a few can truly master the art.
Not all who drink are drunk.
Because wandering sounds boring AF.
I love my student loans.
JK, they’re bringing me to tears every night.
No, I'm not listening to you talk about your amazing vacation.
Can you go humblebrag to someone who actually cares?
Loose grips sink booze ships.
Like Beyoncé once said, “Don’t you drop that alcohol.”
Summer is for sipping.
Work? School? Nah, it’s all overrated.
Celeb shot master.
#BeerPongChamps #RoadToRio
Bet you won't call your ex.
Maybe just throw your phone in the pool while you’re at it.
Where did my beer go?
Seriously, will fight the punk who thinks he can steal my brew.
That is the tackiest swimsuit I've ever seen.
The dream of the 80s is alive in their swimwear and they need to wake the hell up.
Every day is a beer day.
We should just start naming days of the week after alcohol.
Classy AF.
It must be true, the koozie said so.
It's a good day for a lake day.
Because the beer drinking aesthetic isn’t complete without a lake.
A tan may fade, booze is forever.
God, we’re really going to miss summer.