American whiskey is a tricky business. Staying in the know about bourbon, blends, and the wild West of American single malt is a challenge in normal times, and more so while we’re largely left to explore and share experiences inside. In these times, the best way to stay up to date with the latest whiskey releases and cultural tips is online.

Of course, following the right whiskey experts is key. That’s why VinePair consulted our whiskey-loving friends and experts throughout the spirits community to tell us who they’re following on Instagram and Twitter right now. From whiskey writers to bartenders, the individuals below each offer a unique perspective into the world of whiskey.


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Heather Greene is serious about whiskey. Not only is she the CEO of Provision Spirits, she’s also the author of “Whiskey Distilled,” and a judge for the American Craft Spirits Association and the International Wine & Spirit Competition. She takes to her Instagram account to post educational videos and gorgeous shots of the spirit.


The self-proclaimed “official podcast of bourbon,” Bourbon Pursuit is the podcast that industry experts can’t get enough of. The podcast, run by Louisville, Ky.-based Kenny Coleman — as well as its affiliated Instagram account — have loyal followings. And it’s clear why: From “quickie” whiskey reviews, to interviews with whiskey pros such as Peggy Noe Stevens, the first-ever woman Master Taster, this podcast has something for every whiskey lover. Come for the whiskey reviews, stay for the entertaining Tik Toks.


Los Angeles-based Jenna Elie is a whiskey educator for The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society. She takes to Instagram to share her knowledge about the spirit, as well as recommendations of whiskies approved by the expert and her dog.


Founded by Los Angeles- and Atlanta-based Samara Rivers (@sammybeedavis), Black Bourbon Society “bridges the gap between the spirits industry and African American bourbon enthusiasts,” engaging with members through virtual happy hours, tastings, and more. On its Instagram page, the society educates about the spirit, as well as providing recipe ideas and reviews.


Aaron Goldfarb knows his whiskey. The two-time Brooklyn-based author and journalist has written about it in countless articles for VinePair, along with authoring a book called “Hacking Whiskey,” in which he shares tips, recipes, and insider secrets about the spirit. His newest book, “Gather Around Cocktails,” is full of holiday drink recipes. Follow his Instagram account for fun whiskey cocktails, sneak peaks of his latest articles, and more.


With a little snark and a lot of humor, Overpriced Bourbon is here to make sure you never get ripped off when buying bourbon. Calling out liquor stores for overcharging for beloved bottles, the account has gained a large following of imbibers looking for fair prices on their favorite bottles.


Maggie Kimberl is a Louisville, Ky.-based journalist, blogger and content editor for American Whiskey Magazine. Living in the epicenter of the bourbon world, this journalist considers herself “geographically blessed” (and who could blame her?). On her blog, she shares cocktail recipes, reading suggestions, and more. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram for bourbon reviews and shots of rare whiskies.


David Jennings is a South Carolina-based blogger and self-professed Wild Turkey superfan. His blog and Instagram account cover all whiskey, all the time. His dedication to the spirit is clear, between the detailed reviews and the impressive photos he shares on his feed.


Cary Ann E. Fuller is an executive bourbon steward, blogger, and educator. She is a self-proclaimed “enthusiast of all things brown water,” sharing her love of the spirit as a co-host of the Sips, Suds, & Smokes podcast, co-producer of a documentary, “Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon,” and on her Instagram feed. With photos of new releases, furry drinking buddies, whiskey masks, and more, Fuller’s feed brings out the fun in whiskey.


Blake Riber is here to make sure his followers are always up to date on all things bourbon. The Jacksonville, Fla.-based influencer posts everything from cocktail-making videos, to pairing recommendations.


Eboni Major is a whiskey blender at Bulleit DIstilling Co., as well as a food scientist. Beyond smelling, tasting, and creating new whiskies, Major spends time on Instagram, sharing everything from selfies to whiskey-blending photos and videos. She was recently interviewed by VinePair CEO and co-founder Adam Teeter, discussing the duties of a whiskey blender, as well as how the pandemic has impacted the job.


St. Louis-based “Dusty Mike” (he prefers not to disclose his real last name) has recently used his platform to call out the whiskey industry for its silence regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. On the day to day, this St. Louis-based “dusty-hunter” — or searcher of vintage whiskies at off-the-beaten-path stores and markets — likes to flaunt his latest finds on the ‘gram.


For whiskey-filled travel photos from Japan to Napa, and an equally covetable collection, check out this Los Angeles-based whiskey connoisseur. Though this collector likes to stay anonymous — never disclosing their name or showing their face on the feed — they aren’t afraid to show off their enviable collection and travel buys.


When it comes to bourbon, Peggy Noe Stevens does it all. As the founder and president of Peggy Noe Stevens and Associates, Stevens helps grow bourbon and hospitality brands. She’s also the author of “Which Fork Do I Use With My Bourbon,” a guide to hosting bourbon tastings, as well as the founder of Bourbon Women, which self-identifies as “THE organization for women who are passionate about exploring #Bourbon and the culture that surrounds it.” Follow Stevens for tasting tips, pairing suggestions, and so much more.


Heather Wibbels, Cocktail Contessa and Kentucky-based bourbon aficionado, designs the cocktails of your dreams. As an Executive Bourbon Steward and member of Bourbon Women, Wibbels brings her knowledge of the spirit to her feed, creating a mesmerizing selection of beverages made mostly with whiskey.


Looking for some straight-up whiskey reviews? Follow The Daily Dram. Never forgetting to celebrate #WhiskeyWednesday, San Diego-based Brandon Smith shares news, recommendations of distilleries and bars, and shares honest opinions on whiskies — creating a sense of community among his whiskey-obsessed followers.


Nature- and whiskey-loving Nate Woodruff likes to sip whiskey in high places — mostly mountains (as he says in his bio). As a result, his Instagram feed is filled with stunning scenery, top-notch bottle selections sourced from around the world, and a generous amount of his adorable travel companion Syke.