If you drink as much wine as we do, you’re bound to be swimming in a sea of wine corks. While yes, they do look adorable in that little wire cage decoration perched on your kitchen counter, what the hell are you supposed to do with them when said cage runneth over?

Make furniture, of course! We love DIY cork crafts, but let’s be honest: We’ve gathered enough corks over the years to make something a bit more serious. See the fruit of your wine-drinking adorn your home with one of these 10 crazy cork furniture ideas. And if you don’t have enough corks to complete your favorite furniture idea yet, don’t worry. Just keep drinking.

Patio Table

DIY Cork Patio Table
Photo via Pinterest

Not only is this table totally adorable, it’s incredibly useful. That’s a bottle chiller built into the middle! Perfect for warm summer nights outdoors.

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DIY Cork Chalkboard
Photo via Pinterest

Take the word “corkboard” quite literally with this chalkboard/corkboard hybrid, ideal for all of your last-minute notes and grocery store lists.

Bar Topper

DIY Cork Bar Topper
Photo via Addicted 2 Decorating

Because really, is there a more appropriate place in your home for cork furniture than at your in-home bar? We thought not.


DIY Cork Staircase
Photo via Architecture n Design

OK, this furniture idea is really extreme, but we kind of of love it. The incorporation of the wooden wine crate pieces plays gorgeously off the plethora of corks.


DIY Cork Dart Board
Photo via Pinterest

Wine, beer, darts: They all sort of go hand in hand, right? This addition is perfect for your basement bar.


DIY Cork Doormat
Photo via Pinterest

While not necessarily a piece of furniture, we couldn’t get enough of these cork doormats. If you have as many corks as we do, you’ll have enough to make a mat for every doorway in your house!

Bistro Set

DIY Cork Bistro Set
Photo via Pinterest

How gorgeous is this bistro set? We can’t stop envisioning spending sunsets over this table among friends, a cheese board, and a great bottle of red.

Kitchen Chairs

DIY Cork Kitchen Chair
Photo via Pinterest

Upgrade your outdated kitchen chair cushions with these adorable cork chair mats. Believe it or not, cork is actually quite comfortable to sit on.


DIY Cork Chandelier
Photo via Mox and Fodder

This cute little chandelier is a gorgeous addition to spice up outdoor patios and basement bars, and significantly cheaper than purchasing one made of crystal.


DIY Cork Recliner
Photo via Pinterest

And for the extreme cork collectors out there, take a look at this insane cork recliner! While cork is pretty comfortable as a chair mat, the comfort level of this recliner is questionable..