You probably already know that a glass (or two) of wine with dinner can make or break a meal. But cooking the wine into a sauce to put on the food is a game changer. Best of all? Heavenly wine sauce recipes are easy to follow.

Anyway, who doesn’t love cooking with wine? Here are 10 delectable wine sauce recipes.

Seafood Gnocchi With White Wine Sauce by Brown Sugar

seafood gnocchi in white wine sauce recipe
Photo via Brown Sugar

Gnocchi — that decadent pasta made of potatoes — belongs in white wine sauce. Follow this recipe by Brown Sugar for a seafood gnocchi dish in a white wine garlic sauce that will convince you there is no other way to eat potatoes than in gnocchi form.

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Mussels in White Wine Garlic-Butter Sauce by Tasty Kitchen

Mussels in white wine garlic butter sauce recipe
Photo via Tasty Kitchen

Mussels in garlic white wine sauce is a classic. Wine and butter and garlic belong together, and when mussels are involved, well, there’s no seafood like it. Don’t forget the bread to sop up any sauce that remains from this Tasty Kitchen recipe!

Mediterranean-Style Wine-Braised Lamb Shanks by The Mediterranean Dish

Mediterranean Style wine sauce braised lamb shanks
Photo via The Mediterranean Dish

The Mediterranean diet is downright enviable. The only thing better than lamb shanks is wine-braised lamb shanks, like in this recipe from The Mediterranean Dish.

Filet Mignon in Mushroom Wine Sauce by Natasha’s Kitchen

filet mignon in mushroom red wine sauce
Photo via Natasha’s Kitchen

Filet mignon doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. This recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen only takes one pan, and it’s fairly simple to make. A cheap bottle of wine adds layers of flavors to tender filet mignon and mushroom.

Creamy Chicken in White Wine Sauce by Recipe Tin

creamy chicken in white wine sauce recipe
Photo via Recipe Tin

Do you like creamy white wine sauces and bacon? Of course you do. This chicken white wine sauce from Recipe Tin is everything creamy and savory that you need.

Seared Duck Breast With Port Wine Reduction by Alexandra Cooks

Seared duck breast in port wine reduction sauce
Photo via Alexandra Cooks

Sometimes, all it takes is a port wine reduction to elevate a dish into unforgettable proportions. In this recipe by Alexandra Cooks, all it takes is a cheap bottle of port, shallots and chicken stock. You won’t regret it.

Seared New York Strip Steak With Red Wine Balsamic Reduction by The Cookie Rookie

new york strip steak with red wine balsamic reduction sauce recipe
Photo via The Cookie Rookie

If a red wine reduction that’s a little less sweet is more your style, try The Cookie Rookie’s red wine balsamic reduction. It’s a slightly syrupy, mouthwatering addition to any cut of red meat that just needs something a little extra.

Pork Loin With Wine and Herb Gravy by Season and Suppers

pork loin wine herb sauce recipe
Photo via Season and Suppers

The rule that white wine only belongs with chicken and fish is a fallacy — especially when it comes to white wine sauces. This pork loin with white wine sauce by Season and Suppers will make you a believer in the fact that the right white wine served the right way is appropriate with any meal.

Chilean Sea Bass With Orange Mango White Wine Reduction by Jam Hands

chilean sea bass with white wine mango reduction sauce recipe
Photo via Jam Hands

Red wine isn’t the only type of wine that can be made into a reduction sauce. For something a little different, try this mango white wine reduction sauce over fish recipe by Jam Hands. The sauce is citrusy, savory, and the perfect complement to a piece of white fish.

Marinated Roasted Chicken in Wine Mushroom Cream Sauce with Kalamata Olives by Savory Spicerack

Chicken in white wine cream sauce with mushrooms and olives
Photo via Savory Spicerack

White wine sauce is the perfect cure for dry chicken. A quick toss of sage, garlic, and dry white wine makes a delicious sauce; then add a little extra wine to the baking juices of the chicken. This Savory Spicerack recipe will keep you coming back for more.