The Booze You Need To Get You Through Trick-Or-Treating [Infographic]

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We all remember a time when Halloween was fun, when we dressed up in costumes, headed to parties and danced the night away, only to wake up the next morning still dressed as Darth Vader or Princess Leah, with a slight hangover but great memories. But now you’re a real adult, with responsibilities, and some of those responsibilities include taking the young ones trick-or-treating. It’s funny how when we were kids we never realized what a pain schlepping from house to house was for our parents. All we cared about was mapping out the neighborhood and hitting as many of the good houses as we could before it was time for bed – all while gorging ourselves on sugar. Now it’s your turn, and instead of dragging your parents from house to house, you’re the one being dragged along for the trick-or-treat escapades. It’s exhausting. Even if you don’t really like candy all that much, let’s be honest, you’re going to dig into the kid’s bags the second they fall asleep. But unlike the kids, you’re also going to want a drink to go with it, so here’s the wine, beer and booze that pairs best with whatever you may find in the kid’s knapsack.

The Complete Guide To Pairing Candy With Wine, Beer And Booze

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