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How Restaurant Wine Lists Should Change In The Spring

How And Why A Restaurant’s Wine List Should Evolve And Change For Spring

Spring has sprung! The snow has melted here in NYC and we’re getting cautiously excited about warmer days and nights ahead. Soon we’ll open our windows and let in the breezy fifty, sixty and seventy degree weather, enjoying that coveted time of year when we don’t need to re-install our air conditioners…yet. You can feel […]

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The sinking value of the euro might not make European wines cheaper

The Value Of The Euro Is Sinking: Here’s Why Your European Wine Won’t Get Cheaper

If you’re a European wine lover, you’ve probably read a story or two suggesting that the dollar’s strength versus the euro will lead to bargain priced wine bottles. While the dollar is valued at a twelve-year high versus the euro – around $1.07 to €1 – you shouldn’t go rushing to scoop up armloads of […]

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This is why wine bottles are green

Why Are Wine Bottles Green?

There are plenty of different bottle colors out there, but the most common color is green. While red Bordeaux’s are typically kept in dark green bottles, dry white Bordeaux’s are kept in lighter green ones. Burgundies and Rhones, along with Mosels, Alsaces, and plenty of Champagnes are also kept in green bottles. When it comes to […]

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