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Port Round Up

7 Ports You Should Try This Fall

Selling port is a bit of an uphill climb. This is an era of esoteric drinking, with somms championing the latest undiscovered region, Sunotry sending Scotch into outer space, and the rest of us gearing up for the dry, fruity, nuanced powerhouse reds of fall. And of course, port has its stereotypes: sweet, uncomplicated, stuff to […]

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Moon Science: Tasting Biodynamics

Moon Science: Biodynamics In The Vineyard And In Your Glass

Biodynamics has a large tribe of devout followers, and an equally large band of skeptics. Believers bury horns of manure in their vineyards (or feed their babies bizarre milk blends) while most of the world roll their eyes. Since its inception in the 1920s, the moon-centric science preached by Austrian Rudolph Steiner has been divisive at best.

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Casual Champagne

The Total And Profound Illogic Of Relegating Champagne To “Occasions”

It’s Monday. The start of the work week. The day Garfield the cat eats himself into a lasagna-induced coma (monitored carefully by Odie). Why, for god’s sake, can’t we have some Champagne? Because, and here’s the real travesty, Champagne—the alcoholic beverage that (arguably) imparts the most giddy kind of intoxication—has been relegated to special (as […]

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What Are Wine Dregs And Sediment?

Wine Dregs & Sediment: What’s In The Bottom Of My Glass?

Ever taken a sip of wine and noticed something unexpectedly…crunchy in your mouth? No, those aren’t flavor crystals. Actually, okay, they are. In fact, they are exactly flavor crystals. The solids in your wine are kind of similar to the high intensity, rock-concert-in-your-mouth flavor crystals of Cinnaburst gum. Except these flavor crystals are made of […]

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