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Raspberry Moscow Mule

Raspberry Rum Mule [RECIPE]

The Moscow Mule, invented in 1941 in New York City, has made a popular comeback in the last couple of years. Here in Seattle, I often see patrons walking around bars with copper cups of the drink, which is how it’s traditionally served. Today I am sharing a riff on the classic cocktail that’s normally comprised of […]

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A Complete Intro To The Wines Of Germany

A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of Germany: MAP & INFOGRAPHIC

While most Americans rightfully associate Germany with its wonderful beer, you might be surprised to learn that the country is the world’s tenth largest producer of wine. Given how much wine Germany produces, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s much more to German wine than the sweet Rieslings (Blue Nun anyone?) American wine consumers often […]

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Famille Perrin Les Sinards

Famille Perrin “Les Sinards” Châteauneuf-Du-Pape 2012 – A Wine For Cool Weather

Châteauneuf-Du-Pape is one of the most celebrated wine regions in France. It is famous for its powerful red wines made from a blend of up to 18 different grapes, though often Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre are the only three grapes used. While this region in Southern Rhône used to fly somewhat under the radar, especially […]

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London Dry Gin

Does All London Dry Gin Come From London?

At the start of “Gin and Juice,” arguably the most popular (and only) song we know on the topic of gin, Snoop Dogg (Lion? Dogg…) doesn’t clarify what kind of gin he’s sippin’ on. But the guy also had his mind on his money, and his money on his mind. Plus all the indo. Easy […]

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White Wine Decanted

Should You Ever Decant White Wine?

More often than not, when we see a decanted wine, it’s red, not white. And for good reason. Red wines more often have sediment (which you’d want to decant out) and many, so-called “tighter” red wines can benefit hugely from “opening up,” i.e. getting some exposure to oxygen for varying amounts of time to let […]

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