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This is why wine bottles are green

Why Are Wine Bottles Green?

There are plenty of different bottle colors out there, but the most common color is green. While red Bordeaux’s are typically kept in dark green bottles, dry white Bordeaux’s are kept in lighter green ones. Burgundies and Rhones, along with Mosels, Alsaces, and plenty of Champagnes are also kept in green bottles. When it comes to […]

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These are epic songs about alcohol

9 Of The Most Epic Songs About Booze

Forget baseball, alcohol and music are America’s favorite passtimes. With booze often being the ultimate companion, it’s no wonder there are so many odes to Lady Liquor. We searched through different genres and time periods to bring you the most epic booze ballads out there. 1. Tequila – The Champs Besides providing the soundtrack for […]

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Don't reinforce gender stereotypes at the bar

There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Girly’ Drink, So Stop Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes At The Bar

”Clear liquor is for rich women on diets.” So says Ron Swanson, one of the most quotable characters on television today. In this case, I find myself disagreeing with his typical wiseness, but the goal of this article isn’t to give a takedown of an internet meme, but rather to ask why? Why are certain spirits […]

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Author Royal Young discusses why writers and alcohol are the perfect match.

Drinking With: Author Royal Young Talks About Why Writers And Booze Go So Well Together

If anyone knows how to drink, it’s Lower East Side-bred writer, Royal Young. Author of the gritty, fantastic memoir, Fame Shark, Young is currently hunkered down in Panama sipping Balboa beer, taking lengthy beach breaks, and hard at work on his second novel. When we spoke, there were a few misconceptions about writers and alcohol […]

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