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What You Can Learn About Wine From Drinking With The French

Drinking wine in France reminds me of eating lobster in Maine. For many Americans, French wine and lobster mean white tablecloths, snotty staff and confusing methods – Oh, and wallet-busting expensive. But the reality is drinking wine in France or eating lobster in Maine is practically effortless. And, delicious. Of course, delicious. In France, all […]

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Wine Books Spring 2015

Boozin’ And Books: 10 New Spring Releases

Browsing websites is obviously how most of us spend our day (and night), but sometimes it’s nice to go offline and spend some quality time with an old fashioned (printed) book…glass of wine in tow. Removed from the glow of the screen (and the desire to fall down a Google/Wikipedia rabbit hole), our minds are […]

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