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6 Great Barrel Aged Beers To Drink Right Now

6 Great Barrel-Aged Beers For Wine Drinkers

Barrel-aged beers are more popular than ever before. In fact the #2 beer in the world, according to both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer, is Cigar City’s Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout, and that position isn’t an anomaly, but instead just the most famous of the incredible number of barrel-aged beers that are now considered by beer […]

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Loire Valley Fall

Chenin Blanc, The Perfect Fall Wine

The last bottle of Loire Valley Chenin Blanc I opened was totally baffling; beautifully concentrated and floral, but with an initial undertone of something like burnt plastic that was an adjustment. After a few minutes of opening up outside in the inevitable fall air, it almost elicited a kind of melancholy in the glass. Metaphorically […]

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Beaujolais Header

Drink Real Beaujolais, Not Beaujolais Nouveau

Every year around this time, the campaign begins. Like an upstairs neighbor who insists on practicing their badly tuned trumpet at 2AM, no matter where you go, you’ll encounter marketing material for Beaujolais Nouveau. On the third Thursday of November, the wine gets released, and shops everywhere flood their shelves, hoping the aggressive marketing campaign […]

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How To Make Sparkling Wine Infographic

How To Make Sparkling Wines Like Champagne [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve ever wondered where sparkling wines get there bubbles from you’re in luck. Our infographic beautifully illustrates the steps that winemakers take to turn regular wine (base wine is the technical term) into the bubbly variety. The vast majority of sparkling wine* is made using one of these three different methods, all of which are […]

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