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The history of drunk and hungover words in English and other languages

Three Sheets To The Wind: A Trip Around The World’s Words For Drinking…And The Morning After

A recent article in the Atlantic traced the history of the many words and phrases that English-speaking folks around the world have developed to express the simple fact that someone has had too many drinks. The article utilized David Crystal’s 2014 thesaurus, Words in Time and Place, which itself is based upon the Oxford English […]

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Get To Know Garnacha From Cariñena, Spain

Introducing An Undiscovered Gem: Garnacha From Cariñena, Spain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every wine drinker desires to discover wines that deliver more for their money. Even for high-end collectors, the thought of finding an elusive bottle that others do not realize is valuable is part of the thrill of collecting in the first place. Yet when it comes to the mainstream wine regions of the world, it […]

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Hot Winter Cocktails

5 Hot Cocktails To Survive A Blizzard

Right now, the entire East Coast is blanketed in snow. Some people don’t have power and that means they don’t have heat, but guess what, neither did your ancestors, and do you know how they survived blizzards in the olden days? That’s right, with booze. They don’t call it putting on an alcohol sweater for […]

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Swoon-Worthy Winter Weddings At Wineries

7 Swoon-Worthy Winter Weddings At Wineries

As the east coast braces for what is predicted to be one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, it’s nice to remember what else comes with these types of storms, and that’s winter beauty. And what’s more beautiful than a wedding…at a winery. A little digging revealed these lovely moments, we only wish we […]

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