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7 Maps and Charts That Reveal The Staggering Rise Of Rosé In America

7 Maps & Charts That Explain The Incredible Rise Of Rosé In America

Last spring the phrase ”Yes Way Rosé” (#yeswayrosé) seemingly exploded out of nowhere. By the end of the summer, the New York Post’s Page Six was hyperventilating over an imminent shortage of rosé in the Hamptons. Had an insatiable demand for rosé suddenly exploded out of nowhere, leading to a run on the pink booze bank? Yes and no. What […]

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How Restaurant Wine Lists Should Change In The Spring

How And Why A Restaurant’s Wine List Should Evolve And Change For Spring

Spring has sprung! The snow has melted here in NYC and we’re getting cautiously excited about warmer days and nights ahead. Soon we’ll open our windows and let in the breezy fifty, sixty and seventy degree weather, enjoying that coveted time of year when we don’t need to re-install our air conditioners…yet. You can feel […]

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The sinking value of the euro might not make European wines cheaper

The Value Of The Euro Is Sinking: Here’s Why Your European Wine Won’t Get Cheaper

If you’re a European wine lover, you’ve probably read a story or two suggesting that the dollar’s strength versus the euro will lead to bargain priced wine bottles. While the dollar is valued at a twelve-year high versus the euro – around $1.07 to €1 – you shouldn’t go rushing to scoop up armloads of […]

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How Yellow Tail Introduced Australian Wine To America

The Yellow Tail Story: How Two Families Turned Australia Into America’s Biggest Wine Brand

In 1992, imports of Australian wine accounted for only around 3% of all imported wine to the United States, with Italy and France continuing to hold a tight grip on the market at 30% and 50% respectively. Wine from Australia was a relative novelty. Collectors knew of the country’s top-tier wines, but besides this, little […]

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The Strangest Drinking Laws In The United States

9 Of America’s Strangest Alcohol Laws

The United States has no shortage of strange drinking laws. While most are vestiges of days long gone — around the time of Prohibition or even earlier during the days of westward expansion — some are of a more recent vintage. While it’s hard to narrow the list down, we’ve picked out an odd, interesting […]

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