Your Guide To The Wine And Food Of Italy [Infographic]

Across the globe, there is no country with food and wine that’s more romanticized and sought after than Italy. It’s a place where good food and delicious wine is available at every turn, and taken seriously by the people who make it and those who consume it.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that each region’s quintessential dish is the perfect compliment for its quintessential wine. In Italy wine and food go hand in hand — one is never being served without the other.

So here is your guide to the most popular wines of each Italian region, paired with that region’s most famous dish. Sampling each pairing, you’ll be able to truly see how each famous dish was created with the region’s wine in mind, and vice versa. For example, La Marche’s fried olives are clearly a perfect match for the bracing, bright acidity of Verdicchio, while in Tuscany, Bistecca Fiorentina – a T-Bone that’s grilled over wood or charcoal fire – is the ideal accompaniment for the rich, dusty wines made from Sangiovese. So take a tour across Italy and see how food and wine are truly meant to intertwine.

Iconic Foods And Wines For Every Region In Italy