Everyone loves a good movie bar scene. Whether it’s a romantic pick-up scene or a burly brawl, there’s nothing quite like watching drama unfold against a boozy backdrop. Here are some of our favorites:

Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon upstages an elitist Ivy Leaguer and woos Minnie Driver at a ‘Hahvahd’ bar:

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The Fighter

Watching Amy Adams maneuver her way around a whisky shot while Mark Walberg and Christian Bale spar in the background is nothing short of hot:


A young Tom Cruise stands atop the bar (pre-Oprah’s couch) and delivers a booze-infused limerick before delivering innuendos and liquor acrobatics:

Lost In Translation

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannessen forge an unlikely friendship over vodka tonics and whiskey in a Tokyo hotel:


Smoky, boozy lounge scene where Joe Pesci famously quips,  “I’m funny like a clown? I amuse you?”

Coyote Ugly

Any scene in a honky tonk bar that starts with Def Leppard and ends with the clientele getting (happily) doused in beer has gotta be good:

The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler with a mullet, a shot, and some disenchanted wisdom on love:

Inglorious Basterds:

“There’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch:”


No such list would be complete without a scene from the famous Rick’s Cafe. “Of all the gin joints in all the world…”