The Price Of A Beer At Every Major League Baseball Stadium In 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Major League baseball season is almost two months old already, which means there’s a decent chance you’ve been to the ballpark and experienced the annual American tradition of beer price sticker shock. The folks at Team Marketing Report have been doing their research as well, and it’s time to unveil the 2016 edition of the baseball stadiums with the cheapest and most expensive beer (see the 2015 chart here). By the ounce, the highest priced small cheap beer in baseball belongs, once again, to the Boston Red Sox. The cheapest? The Colorado Rockies with a $3 12 ounce beer.

2016 Ranks: The Price Of A Beer At Every Major League Baseball Stadium

Major Changes From Last Year

Although prices were largely constant, there were some notable price increases and decreases:

  • The Colorado Rockies knocked beer prices down by 33%, to earn the title of cheapest beer in baseball, at $0.25/ounce.
  • Last year’s third cheapest team, the Texas Rangers, increased prices the most — 25% — to bring them up to $0.38/ounce (a penny less than the MLB average).
  • The Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds saw big price drops, bringing them both from above the MLB average to a penny below it on a per ounce basis.

As always, all data was collected by Team Marketing Report for their Fan Cost Cost Index.

Header image via slgckgc/flickr