Last week, we discussed what to do when you’re at a wine bar and the server or somm brings you your small pour of wine. We figured out what to do when you like your wine, but what about when you don’t? First and foremost: relax. Second of all, take advice from our resident chief wine geek Keith Beavers, owner and beverage director of In Vino.

The most important thing to remember is that this is your dining experience, so you have a right to the wine you want. If you think your wine is flawed, the server or somm should be able to taste it right away. However, if there was a miscommunication between you and your server/somm, and the wine is tasting like it’s supposed to – but not like you expected it to – there’s still a solution. A good restaurant will take the perfectly good wine (that’s just not for you) and serve it by the glass for the rest of the night. Just remember to be polite!

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