Tuscany is known for its lavish landscape, mouthwatering olive oil, unique artistic legacy, and most importantly its abundance of wine. With all of these attributes it’s no wonder that Tuscany is one of the world’s most desirable destinations and we want to help you plan (or fantasize about) your next trip. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Airbnb lodging options in Tuscany that will accommodate a range of budgets. Happy travels!

1. 12 bedroom private estate ($4277/night)

A Private Estate
Money ain’t a thang? Sleep in a new bed every night in this 12-bedroom estate! The property has a massive saltwater pool, several seventeenth-century fountains, and a variety of greenery. Also present on the estate, the original stone chapel, built c. 1000, stands strong. We encourage you to explore the property, but we recommend that you bring along a GPS tracker.

2. Treat yourself right…in a castle ($3960/night)

Your own castle in Tuscany
Looking for a more cost effective option? Rent out a castle! This gorgeous fortress sits in the verdant Chianti region, so vineyards will surround you on all sides. If you’re looking to keep your glass topped off from the moment you arrive, this is optimal neighborhood.

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3. A castle on a budget($3225/night)

Another Castle
This beautiful sixteenth-century castle obviously has romantic rose gardens and a large pool, but it also has views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. What’s more, it was once the humble home of none other than Leopold II Grand Duke of Tuscany. So if you’re feeling like royalty, this is the place for you.

4. You could go for an apartment ($2817/night)

An artistic retreat
Not feeling the castle vibe? Try the stunning Palazzo Tomassi apartment in the heart of Tuscany. Built in the sixteenth century and designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance, this apartment is adorned with Baroque Frescoes and antique furniture. The cherry on top, a butler and driver will be made available to you.

5. Defend the shores of Italy from a watchtower ($1923/night)

On the cliffs of Tuscany
How about a watchtower? No, seriously. The Tower of Talamonaccio made its debut in “Quantum of Solace,” the most recent James Bond movie. Given its original purpose as a defensive tower in the second century, you can be sure that this site has the most magnificent views in the area. Keep the Tuscan shores safe, while also enjoying this unique vacation spot.

6. Settle for a villa ($1273/night)

An infinity pool
A seventeenth-century convent turned into a luxurious villa, Villa La Vita dei Campi, is surrounded on all sides by vineyards and olive groves. This quaint, historical spot on the Tuscan countryside is ideal for sunbathing by the pool and embracing the grand views (all with a glass of wine in hand).

7. The world’s nicest farmhouse ($1130/night)

A Tuscan Villa
Aren’t farmhouses supposed to be haimish? Not this one. This “rustic” eighteenth-century property is perfect for a romantic couples getaway. With a large pool and set atop a Tuscan hill, tanning has never been made easier. In addition, golf courses, tennis courts, horse riding, and spas are all nearby, so there is no shortage of activities.

8. Be different, stay in a treehouse ($283/night)

Your very own treehouse.
We present to you the most hipster option in Tuscany. Situated on the family-owned ‘Dry Hill’ estate, you can experience the secluded, artistic atmosphere, while still indulging in lavish amenities, such as pool and tennis courts. There’s also a pigeon house situated on the property, if you’re into that.

9. Save money and go camping! ($32/night)

Roughing It
Do you plan on spending most of your money on wine? Save all you can and stay at this picturesque camping site. Be one with nature and embrace the tranquil farmland and its glory. What makes this deal even sweeter: alarm clocks aren’t necessary—the chickens will make sure you’re awake.