A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of Germany: MAP & INFOGRAPHIC

While most Americans rightfully associate Germany with its wonderful beer, you might be surprised to learn that the country is the world’s tenth largest producer of wine. Given how much wine Germany produces, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s much more to German wine than the sweet Rieslings (Blue Nun anyone?) American wine consumers often think of when they think of Germany. A big source of the confusion about Riesling — and German wine in general among Americans — is the hard-to-decipher labels that you’ll often see on German bottles. Thankfully we’re here to help clear up that confusion. The infographic and map below is your complete introductory guide to Germany’s wines, including the thirteen wine growing regions, the major grapes that grow in each of them, along with essential info on how to decode a German wine label.

A Complete Introduction And Guide To The Wines Of Germany Including MAP!