Goodnight Wine – An Adult Spin On Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Wine

In a sleek white apartment,
There was a room oh so pretty
And a member of the police department
Who noticed a picture of-
A cow sipping wine over a very big city.

And there were three empty bottles all consumed by posh models,
And two shattered vases way out of their places,
And a pair of scared eyes watching their demise,
And an angry old cop saying “this noise needs to stop,”

And a group of partygoers pretending to be sober,
As they spread out in a buzz and left me with the fuzz.

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Goodnight Wine,
And goodnight bad decisions of mine.

Goodnight keys I’ve misplaced,
And goodnight to my Tinder mistakes.

Goodnight sangria punch,
And goodnight drunken brunch.

Goodnight broken corkscrew,
And goodnight to my missing shoe.

Goodnight drunk texts I wish I missed
And goodnight person I shouldn’t have kissed.

Goodnight Cabernet spilled on my part,
And goodnight to my Amazon shopping cart.

Goodnight large glasses filled to the rim,
And goodnight to my dancing done on a whim.

Goodnight partygoers who ran out in a dash,
And goodnight to the officer who just wants my cash.

Goodnight to the cow sipping wine over this city,
And goodnight to my mother who shows me no pity.