Drinking With The Founders of The Coveteur

Toronto-based lifestyle website, The Coveteur, covers everything lifestyle, fashion, and culture. Founded by Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg in 2011 as a “passion project,” they have a steady Instagram following and tons of (mostly female) fans.

One of their most notable Coveteur projects is their “Closet” series, which gives you a look into the closets and lifestyles of really cool ladies.

I recently caught up with Stephanie and Jake to talk about day drinking, beauty tips, and BBQ.

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What brought the two of you together to found the Coveteur?

Stephanie: Jake and I met on a photo shoot the day before the concept for The Coveteur was created!

What are both of your roles?

Stephanie: My role changes from day to day, but currently I am Editor-in-Chief focusing a lot on our integrated content and business development.

Jake: I’m the Creative Director and Photographer.

As the creators of a lifestyle site, before we dive into eating and drinking, what’s your best beauty/life secret?

Stephanie: Drink lots of water and you are what you eat. If you follow those rules (drink water and eat healthy) you watch everything change for the better!

Jake: Get outside and turn off your phone.

That’s great advice, we all should probably unplug more. Do either of you cook? Or are you more of the eating out type?

Stephanie: As much as I wish I were a good cook, I am somewhat culinarily challenged. In Toronto I love to eat at Bar Isabel and Pizza Libretto — they both have a really laid-back atmosphere, amazing food, and good vibes all around. I also love picking up lunch from a place called The Goods. I am trying to eat as clean as possible these days, so I love delicious salads, fish, vegetables, and all the amazing fruit we get in the summer.

Jake: Definitely a BBQ in my backyard! Grilled Salmon, veggies, potatoes, and a nice big salad with some good wine, cocktails, and beer! The best.

What’s your favorite part about summer?

Stephanie: Spending time outside, longer days, fresh fruit and getting a little bit of color on my otherwise very pale skin.

Jake: Finding some time to escape into the outdoors and go on a good paddling or hiking trip!

There’s a lot of day drinking that happens in the summer months, do you prefer day drinking or night drinking? OR BOTH?

Stephanie: My day drinking quickly turns into day napping so I would have to put myself in the night drinking category.

Jake: BOTH

Hah. Finally, what’s your favorite beverage in the world?

Stephanie: I love hot water with lemon and honey. If we are heading over to the bar I can’t turn down good tequila with soda and a splash of grapefruit.

Jake: Agreed — tequila.