Introducing An Undiscovered Gem: Garnacha From Cariñena, Spain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every wine drinker desires to discover wines that deliver more for their money. Even for high-end collectors, the thought of finding an elusive bottle that others do not realize is valuable is part of the thrill of collecting in the first place. Yet when it comes to the mainstream wine regions of the world, it can sometimes feel like most gems have already been discovered, their values already exploited. And that’s exactly what makes the wine region of Cariñena, Spain so special.

Garnacha is one of the most delicious and crowd-pleasing wines around and just like Zinfandel, the older the grape vines, the higher quality the juice. Usually old vine wine, as it is called, can be quite expensive, reserved for high-end bottlings that will be marketed and sold at a premium, but because Cariñena is just being discovered, its old vine Garnacha can still be found for under $20 bucks. Get to know Garnacha wine from Cariñena and see why you too should seek it out.

Learn About Garnacha From Carinena

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