Ancient Wine Jugs

As you bounce your way to different bars this holiday season, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re keeping with a tradition that dates back as far as 1700 BCE. Archaeologists in northern-Israel recently discovered the oldest known cellar, dating back 3,700 years. The scientists who have studied the findings say that more than 500 gallons of wine were once stored in this cellar (that’s enough to fill 3,000 bottles!). The best part: Our Bronze Age predecessors were infusing their libations with oils such as pistachio and cedar, as well as cinnamon, mint, and resins from wood. The question remains: Was this one guy’s personal stash or did it serve as a hang-out for his fellow oenophiles? Read more about this incredible discovery here. Cheers to our creative vino drinkers of 1700 BCE!