What do you do when you’re partner-less at Christmas? Beyond singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with none of the opposite lyrics, that is.

If you’re like most of us, you eat a bunch of artificially flavored snacks and rationalize mixing the last of that booze with Lactaid. But if you’re Eunchan Park, you build a robot to drink with you, and make you feel less alone.

Yes, while the rest of us cowered in our bathtubs with tumblers full of sadness juice, it took an enterprising, date-less Korean dude to build something that would make him feel less alone in his drinking. His first step: filling an empty glass. According to, he “put out an extra glass and poured Soju into it and then made a toast as if the glass belonged to someone.” Yes, if someone were looking into the window at the time, things would’ve gotten cray.

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But, says Park, “’after that, the taste became totally changed!” A testament to the factor of communal socializing, per one guy at least. The robot actually has a jar as its base, so whatever you pour into it can be re-commissioned for later use (possibly while listening to Adele). Also if you notice its cheeks getting red, don’t call a rabbi or a priest or a psychic. The robot’s programmed to imitate inebriation, meaning it’s cheeks will get red after you feed it booze, and it’ll try to get you to call every forgotten number on your contact list and say “Hey, you, so…wassup?”

The bonus points of this adorable robot are company, and in a weird way, it works. Having so much artificial something instead of so much compelling nothing, like Friends vs. Seinfeld. As Park puts it, “I could finally find the secret taste of alcohol totally depends on a partner.’”

We’ll just let that comment slide, considering Valentine’s Day is coming up, and enjoy this video of a cute robot…