November is officially the start of Hot Toddy season. Not only is it a great drink for warming you up, but as the days get colder and the flu starts to go around, it’s also fantastic for easing your symptoms. But you shouldn’t just drink a Hot Toddy when you’re sick. And with so many variations to choose from, you’ll easily find one to fit your mood and warm your core.

Honey Bourbon Hot Todddy from Bon Appétit

Honey BourbonThis is probably the purest of all the Hot Toddys on this list. It will woo you with its simplicity.

Apple Brandy Hot Toddy from Food & Wine

Apple BrandyThis is fall in a glass.

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Fernet Hot Toddy from Chowhound

Fernet ToddyA dose of Fernet keeps things interesting and herbal in this Hot Toddy that also features rum instead of whiskey as the main booze ingredient.

Tequila Hot Toddy from The Kitchn

tequilaYou may be suspect of warm tequila, but don’t be. Tequila warm is glorious.

Grapefruit Hot Toddy from Thug Kitchen

grapefruitTis the season for citrus, and this concoction allows you to warm up while also pretending you’re in a warmer climate.

Apple Cider Hot Toddy from Cookie + Kate

Apple CiderInstead of sweetening this Hot Toddy with honey, it gets a splash of cider.

The Honey Bunny from Garden & Gun

The Honey BunnyThis is the Hot Toddy in its pure, medicinal form, meant to soothe a cold and bring on recovery.

Chili Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy from Minimalist Baker

Chili CinnamonFor an additional dose of warmth, this Hot Toddy adds a touch of spice.

Scotch Hot Toddy from Saveur

Scotch ToddyThe smokiness of the scotch adds a wonderful layer to the drink, heightening its warming effect.