Fall is here, and its time to get crafty. Rather than go out and buy material, why not make use of what you already have, like all those leftover wine bottle corks? Here are nine ways to turn the remains of last night’s booze into cute, seasonal crafts.

1. These simple and elegant votive cork candles by A Subtle Revelry:


2. For wine and cheese, try these cheese spreaders by Yarni Gras:


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3. This cork coaster from Duke & Duchess:

Cork Coaster

4. For warm fall dishes, this cork trivet by Country Living:

Cork Trivet

5. Hang your fall necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on this cork board jewelry holder by Healthy Living in Mind and Body:

Cork Jewelry Holder

6. Decorate your door with this autumnal wreath by Dream Book Design:

Cork Wreath

7. Keep those fall sweaters tucked away in a dresser with champagne cork knobs, by Architecture Art Design:

Cork Drawer Knobs

8. Step out of a warm fall evening bath onto this cork bathmat, by Snappy Pixels:

Cork bath mat

9. What DIY fall cork list would be complete without a cork pumpkin. Here’s our favorite, by My Gourmet Connection:

Wine Cork Pumpkin