While there are many ways to showcase your love for wine, there is no better way to do it than wearing it for everyone to see. And no, we don’t mean spilling wine on yourself, although I’m sure we’re all guilty of that happening every once in a while. Here are eight shirts that know exactly what your wine-loving mind is thinking.

Screw It

screw-itForget everything else going on. This shirt has your priorities in order.

May Contain Wine

may-contain-wineDisclaimer: This shirt does not come with wine but we highly recommend you wear it while drinking a glass…or four.

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Wine Not?

wine-notFor those moments when you just need to ask yourself “Wine Not?”

Wine Is Fine

wine-is-fineSave your breath when walking into your friend’s apartment. This shirt says it all.

This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt

wine-drinking-shirtThe perfect shirt for celebrating Wine Wednesday.

This Is Wine Country

Wine-CountryCheck your whining at the door, this is wine country.

Champagne Please

ChampagnePerfect to get you in the mood when drinking bubbly and being fabulous.

Everything Is Coming Up Rosé

Rose-RedoneThe only shirt that understands your obsession with Rosé.