8 Ways to Repurpose Your Wine Rack

Yes, it seems like sacrilege. Certainly backwards—removing wine from a wine rack and putting, well, non-wine stuff in there instead? But people have many reasons to repurpose a wine rack—maybe a pregnancy, maybe a new and improved wine rack, maybe a suddenly desperate need for storage space or some indoor greenery that outpaces the craving for wine.

Either way, it turns out there are a lot of sensible and not too labor involved ways to turn an old wine rack into a new storage space or decorative piece. Silver lining: if you have wine to get rid of as you go, you have to drink it!

Towel Rack from Hailey’s Helpful Hints

Towel Rack

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This one’s great for a tabletop towel rack, a great place to store hand towels for guests. Especially useful if and when they spill their wine.

Even Bigger Towel Rack from HGVT

Wine Towel Rack

This one’s nice because you can use it for basic bathroom organization, with compartments for little towels, bath towels, and maybe even a magazine or two. (Just sayin.)

Wine Rack Wrapping Table Eve of Reduction

Craft Table

Sure, most of us contentedly keep our wrapping supplies stuffed away in a cabinet somewhere, or possibly crammed into a big plastic bag that is now and forever missing. Take your old wine rack and turn it into a ready-to-go wrapping station, with spots for bows, paper, ribbon, and probably some name tags so you remember who the hell you’re giving the gift to.

Shoe Rack from Cookie Loves Milk

Shoe Rack

This is actually some PVC pipe that’s been stuck together, but with plenty of wine rack designs out there, you can easily just buy one ready to go and have a cute, clever, spatially efficient way to store your shoes. And maybe just one or two bottles of wine when shoe shopping no longer fills you with joy.

Wine Crate Shelf from HGTV

Wine Crate Shelf

Another HGTV find, and a bit more generally useful, since you can (carefully) install this rack in pretty much any room where storage is needed. And then talk about how you upcycled like a baller.

CD Tower Wine Rack from Remove and Replace

CD Wine Rack

OK, we are going in exactly the opposite direction here—a CD tower transformed into a wine rack. But since CDs are mostly obsolete, and wine will have a place in our hearts forever, it actually seems like an incredibly smart way to give new life to that dusty CD rack—and finally say goodbye to your collection of 90s R&B.

Riddling Rack Succulent Stand from Pottery Barn

Wine Rack Succulents

This is actually a retail item (and apparently it sold out right quick), but the idea is very copy-able for the regular gardener. And a great way to bring the old school row of succulent plants some vertical excitement. (Yes, we’re saying succulents can be exciting.)

Riddling Rack Candle Holder from It’s the Little Things

Candle Holder

Another great way to repurpose a riddling rack—which yes, you’ll have to get your hands onto. And this one to be done with some care, probably a partner or some qualified supervision, since you’re basically building fire up your wall.

Header image via HGTV.com