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During this time of year, the art of entertaining seems to be more important than ever. You obviously want to have delicious food and drinks for your guests, but it’s also important that the drinks served come in striking glasses. It’s amazing how a beautiful glass or serving bowl can take a simple pasta dish or a basic Gin & Tonic and make it that much fancier. With that in mind, here are seven fun glasses in which to serve your drinks.

A Symbol Of Hospitality

The Symbol of HospitalityThis glass from W&P Designs is fun and whimsical while also having a regal component to it, thanks to its gold hue. The pineapple is an international symbol of hospitality and warm welcome, making it an ideal vessel for a welcome drink.

No Need To Salt Your Hand

tequila shotsGive shots of tequila a twist with these glasses made from blocks of pink Himalayan salt. When your guests take a sip, they’ll get a perfect amount of salinity to help numb the burn.

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Champagne, Inside Out

Inside Out ChampagneImpress your guests with a glass that is anything but what they would expect.

Classy Cognac

classy cognacAll I imagine when I see these glasses are a few friends, big leather chairs and delicious cognac sloshing around inside the glasses.

Beyond The Moscow Mule

Moscow Copper MuleThis copper cup is pretty enough to serve any cold drink you might enjoy, despite what Moscow Mule purists would say.

Glasses Fit For Royalty

Palace GlassesThese glasses look like they’ve come right out of a fancy palace. Anything you pour in them will look stunning.

A Little Beer Geekery

Beer GeekThis glass isn’t just pretty, it serves a cool purpose, helping you to create the perfect head for your beer. The bubbles hold all the aromas after all.