As the weather turns cooler we like to liven up our homes with plants and herbs — which look lovely when planted in recycled bottles and corks. We’ve collected 5 cool wine crafts for your own indoor garden, some to buy, and some to make yourself. Whether you’re feeling crafty or want to give a great gift to a wine-loving friend (who says that friend can’t be you?), we’ve got something for you!

A Hanging Wine Bottle Garden

The stunning hanging wine bottle garden you see below is sold by Biocite, a Canadian shop. The gardens start at $349 for the single column edition, and go up to $549 for the four column version, so this is definitely an investment. After you watch their promotional video, the price might not sound so steep after all.

Hanging Bottle Garden

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Champagne Cork Planters

Follow the ridiculously simple instructions that you’ll find over at Vertical Gardner to turn your Champagne corks into tiny airplant holders. Now you have an excuse to pop some bubbly any day of the year.

Champagne Cork Planters For Airplants


Wine Bottle Planter For Succulents & Cacti

Cacti and succulents need little water, so they make for a nice, small, easy to keep indoor garden. You can purchase a premade planter or make your own.

There’s a lovely pre-made kit from Rehabulous you see below or you can try doing it yourself using the instructions for a similar planter at Green Living.

Wine Bottle Garden Cacti


A Hydroponic Herb Garden In A Wine Bottle

Instructables has a thorough 3-step guide for recycling your empty wine bottles into a hydroponic herb garden.

Hydroponic Herb Garden In A Bottle

Cutting glass isn’t the easiest task in the world (here’s a guide), so if you’re looking for a premade option, check out the Growbottle sold by UncommonGoods. The herb gardens cost $36 dollars, with your choice of 5 different herbs.

The Growbottle Herb Garden


Cork Herb Markers

These cork herb markers over at Shine Your Light are simple to make. We’re talking seriously simple: they call them A Craft For The Uncrafty. They would look great indoors or on your patio.

Cork Herb Markers