We know, we know – there’s no such thing as leftover wine. But you know what remains after you’ve downed a bunch of vino? The bottles and the corks! While you can try your hand at selling bottles and corks, why not fashion them into something beautiful (and useful) around the house? Check out these five DIY bottle and cork projects that will turn your wine leftovers into one-of-a-kind crafts.

1. This Cork Chandelier From Better Homes & Gardens

This is a cork chandelier

2. These Oil Wine Bottle Tiki Torches From Armchair Sommelier

These are wine lamps

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3. These Cork Earrings From Organically Crafty

Check out these wine cork earrings

4. This Cork Coffee Table From Mom 4 Real

This is a cork coffee table

5. And These Wine Bottle Planters From DIY Ready

Use wine bottles as planters

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5 Amazing DIY Projects To Make With Wine Bottles And Corks