America, land of 50 states – plus Puerto Rico. It’s our states that make us unique, and nothing would be more unique than the ability to drink in two of those states at the same time. It also makes you even more of a patriot. And sure, you could drink in two states in the same time simply by driving your car to the nearest state line, opening a bottle and straddling the border, but it’s a whole lot more pleasant to do your two-state drinking inside an actual bar. Luckily there are 3 such bars in America where you can do just that.

Whetstone Station

Whetstone StationWhen New Hampshire needed a new bridge crossing the Connecticut River, which serves as the official boarder of New Hampshire and Vermont, the state had to pour new footings for the structure. In doing so, these new footings caused New Hampshire’s border to eek over into Vermont’s side. This caused the Whetstone Station, a bar sitting on the river’s bank, to effectually be located in two states at the same time, allowing you to drink half your beer in Vermont and the other half in New Hampshire without ever leaving the establishment.

Patrick’s Pub And Grill

patrick's pubSo technically, you actually can’t drink in two states here because the county for one of the states in which this bar is located is actually dry. You heard us right. Patrick’s Pub and Grill is located directly on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, but while you can drink in the front of the bar, which is located in Tennessee, the moment you head to the back of the bar, to Georgia, where the restrooms are located, you have to leave your drink behind. So if you’ve consumed too much and need to relieve yourself, you’ll have to leave your drinks on a little table the bar provides, which is located on the Tennessee side, before heading to the Georgia side for relief.

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Flora-Bama Lounge And Package

The Flora Bama
Only at Flora-Bama can you participate in the famed Mullet Toss, where you see who can fling a mullet fish the farthest across the state line. Located on the Gulf Coast – better known as the Redneck Riviera – in both Florida and Alabama, this is a massive two-story bar that easily facilitates your drinking in both states in the same night. While you’re there, you might want to try the bar’s signature drink, called the Bushwacker, which is actually just a very alcoholic chocolate shake.