The fall harvest is an exciting time in the wine world. It’s the culmination months of hard work in the fields and the beginning of what the winemakers hope will be an incredible wine. But those grapes don’t pick themselves. During the harvest, it’s a group affair at the vineyard as workers and volunteers come together for a final punch of hard work before the big payoff: wine. And it’s a truly a beautiful site. So beautiful, in fact, that we tracked the globe on Instagram to find some our favorite photos of the fall harvest. Speaking of Instagram: If you’re not already following us, it’s probably a good idea to head on over to our account now. We promise to visually brighten up your day!

Bees Helping Out With The Oregon Harvest


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Pumping Over Freshly Pressed Wine At Round Pond Estate In Napa

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Getting A Little Help From A Friend

Punching Down The Grapes

It’s Raining Grapes In Napa

Barbera In The Fall

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Harvesting Gamay In Beaujolais

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A Glimpse At The Magical Burgundian Harvest

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Harvesting Gavli At Broglia Vineyards

Before The Crush At Montinore Vineyards In Oregon

Sometimes You’ve Got To Get Your Hands Dirty In Italy

A Little Siesta During The Spanish Grape Harvest

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