Reviewed on 04-14-2019
Rating B+
Style Milkshake IPA, Sour IPA
Produced In Greeley, CO
United States
ABV 6.3%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Boozy Beach Trips, Brunch Sipping, Drinking Outside the Lines

The Full Review

Another in Wiley Roots' ongoing "County Fair Cobbler" series of milkshake sour IPAs, this one is brewed with pureed cranberries and raspberries, graham cracker, cinnamon, vanilla, and lactose, then dry-hopped with Vic Secret hops. It pours a swirling hibiscus-pink color, and has prominent sweet and tart red berry flavors, like pie without the crust. (The graham cracker, though present, is subtle.) One taster compared its flavor, nostalgically, to Juicy Fruit gum, concluding, "I love this."