Reviewed on 03-15-2019
Rating B-
Produced In Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
ABV 6.5%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

Brunch Sipping, Drinking Outside the Lines, Sweet Tooth Cravings

The Full Review

The aroma on this beer is shocking, like sticking your nose in a bowl of peaches and cream that's been dipped in artificial sweetener. Intense, candy-like aromas are followed by a frothy, juicy character, like drinking a smoothie with the texture of beer. Test Phase IPA is made using HBC 692, an experimental hop varietal known for exhibiting grapefruit, potpourri, and creamy notes, which explains the intense nose. However, "New England-style" is a bit off the mark, not only because the beer brewed in Utah (anyone can make a New England-style IPA). Moreso, it lacks the aroma-flavor balance and velvety texture typically accomplished by the style.