Reviewed on 03-14-2019
Rating A+
Style Lager
Produced In Atlanta, Ga.
United States
ABV 4%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Backyard BBQs, Pleasing A Crowd

The Full Review

Sparkling wine-like carbonation floats in the glass, crystal-clear and golden, finishing its journey in a bright white cap of foam. Pilsner malt-derived aromas of cereal grain and bread dough, and a hint of lemongrass, entice on the nose. The body is crisp and refreshing, scrubbing the palate clean before leaving behind pretzel-y bread notes, a hint of German Noble hops (Hallertau and Mt. Hood, as it turns out), and a touch of sweetness from flaked corn. A lightly herbal bitterness and a spritz of citrus on the finish quickly fade. This is an ideal desert island beer: Thirst-quenching yet thirst-inducing, it's a vicious, delicious cycle. I willingly surrender to the mirage.