Review: Wasatch Black O’Lantern

Wasatch Black O'Lantern
Rating A
Style Pumpkin Beer
Produced In Utah
United States
ABV 6.5%
Availability Fall


Pumpkin stouts are a nice variation on the sugared-up amber ales that normally get the pumpkin treatment. Black O’Lantern has a dusty dry spice feel to it with a good dose of chocolate and clove flavor. The sweetness stays with you to the end while a slight bitterness balances it out. I don’t know why more breweries haven’t abandoned traditional pumpkin beers altogether to make pumpkin stouts, but then again I don’t know many breweries that can make a stout like Wasatch.

Highlights: Wasatch Black O'Lantern

Perfect For Cold Weather Hibernation, End of Day Sipping, Relaxing After Work
Tastes Like A dusty dry spice feel with a good dose of chocolate and clove flavor.
Reviewed 09-27-2017

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