Review: Surly Brewing Darkness 2017

Surly Brewing Darkness 2017
Rating A
Style Russian Imperial Stout
Produced In Minnesota
United States
ABV 10%
Availability Limited


Few words can incapsulate Surly Brewing’s Darkness like the name of the beer itself. It’s a huge, barrel-aged Russian imperial stout that’s filled with roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and dark cherry. It’s thick and barreled while somehow staying drinkable. Darkness has been released every year since 2007, and in it’s tenth year, it’s become somewhat legendary with it’s own special release day called Darkness day. It’s easy to see why it has such a reputation with a flavor that starts out sweet and silky then transforms into chocolate and savory with a clean finish.

Highlights: Surly Brewing Darkness 2017

Perfect For Cold Weather Hibernation, End of Day Sipping, Long-Term Aging
Tastes Like Thick barrel-aged imperial stout.
Reviewed 12-13-2017

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