Reviewed on 09-24-2018
Rating B
Style Lager, Märzen
Produced In Shiner, Texas
United States
ABV 5.7%
Availability Fall

Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Cooking And Sipping, Weekday Dinner Pairings

The Full Review

Brewed since 1996, Shiner Oktoberfest has earned its fair share of accolades. This is unsurprising, considering its Bavarian roots; Spoetzel Brewery's first brewmaster hailed from the region, and the brewery continues its German-inspired traditions today. Shiner Oktoberfest pours bright bronze with a beige head. Aromas of bread crust and caramel mingle on the nose, opening up to caramel malt-driven sweetness. Hallertau and Hersbrucker hops bring the bitterness, though, which plays on the palate from start to finish. This is no Oktoberfest for those with a sweet tooth.